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Online resources where I shop for my gear and clothing

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Web Link Mountain Hardwear

For clothing I almost always go for Mountain Hardwear.  Rugged, comfy, and always fits me well.

Web Link Osprey Packs

My current favorite in backpacks

Web Link Eagle's Nest Outfitters

A semi-local shop (Asheville, NC) that sells my favorite hammock gear.

Web Link Backcountry

Backcountry has super deals year round.  This is a HUGE online store plus they have the best logo.  Mountain Goat wins.

Web Link Backcountry Edge

This is a smaller online store but you get a nice 12% discount on first purchases.  I often visit here as sometimes they have deals that outdo some of the bigger retailers. 

Web Link REI

REI is owned and operated by those that join the co-op.  Great place and knowledgeable staff plus their on-line outlet is great for snagging deals.  This is usually where I end up before hitting the trail.

Web Link Moosejaw

Moosejaw has the best sense of humor.  The site is hilarious as are their catalogs.  They enjoy what they do and have fun selling gear and clothing.

Web Link Under Armor

I use Under Armor for my workouts and for my trips in the woods.  Excellent and comfy stuff!  If you don't know Under Armor then you're probably inactive or living under a rock.

Web Link Rock/Creek

Awesome deals and great gear

Web Link Icebreaker

Want some comfy clothes for both outdoor and leisure wear?  Then check out Icebreaker for some New Zealand Merino goodness.


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