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Osprey Manta 20

on Saturday, 16 March 2013. Posted in Outdoor Gear, Reviews

Osprey Manta 20

I wanted to start doing more day trips but I didn't have a suitable bag and the Atmos 50 was a bit large for a 5-10 mile day. I did use it for such when I first got it just to test out the load and see how things worked before I took in on a weekend trip but, I didn't want to look like a total dork carrying around a large pack for some water and a lunch. So, the hunt for a daypack began.

I started out looking at CamelBak's gear. I am usually drawn to visual appeal from the onset and then begin looking at features. I think a similar thing occurs when looking for a mate in life. It's not so much that you need something that looks good but it's nice to have something you're proud of wearing around. Functionality is a key component though and I don't dismiss it. In fact, after my eyeball appeal is over, if something doesn’t offer functionality then I will discard and start the hunt all over. So, the CamelBak's has the visual appeal and most had the functionality however I was having a hard time finding the size, price, functionality options that I wanted in one bag. I began looking at Black Diamond equipment as well and they had awesome functionality and great pricing but the visual appeal was lacking for me. So I went back to what I trusted, Osprey, and I liked what I saw.

Body By Science

on Thursday, 21 February 2013. Posted in Reviews, Books

A Researched-Based Program For Strength Training, Body Building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week

Body By Science

I just recently finished with Body By Science.  This is my latest research into high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines as that is where I am headed mostly in my workout regime right now. I wanted to find a little more science behind why it works and why I should do this compared to the typical weight or resistance training.

The book was recommended by Nora Gedguadas in her book Primal Body Primal Mind.  I read the reviews on Amazon and apparently mostly meat heads were giving it lower ratings due to the fact that it doesn't just give simple instructions on routines.  I do agree that the subtitle is a bit misleading in that it states "A Research based program for strength training, body building, and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week".  However, what it does offer is a much more in-depth study of HIIT, the research behind it, and why it works.

Well Fed

on Wednesday, 23 January 2013. Posted in Reviews, Books

Well Fed

Unlike most of the Paleo Cookbooks out there, Well Fed is written by someone who has spent a lot of time in a commercial kitchen.  Most of the Paleo Cookbooks on offer currently are written by homemakers or someone that has experimented quite a bit with their meals to adapt to a Paleo lifestyle.  I am not saying the other cookbooks don't have good food, because they do, but this one gives you more of the basic building blocks to create a lot of combinations for meals.  Consider it similar to Food Legos for the hidden chef in you.

When I first picked up this book I was a little confused with it.  I don't think it is so much the presentation as it expects a little more out of you in the kitchen instead of just handing you a list and directions.  There are some recipes that hand-hold along the way but it is much more free-form and relies on you to spice things up a bit more.  At the same time one recipe can be changed up quite easily with the addition of other spices or varied slightly and the instructions are there for doing so.

Black Diamond Trail Shock

on Wednesday, 23 January 2013. Posted in Outdoor Gear, Reviews

Trekking Poles

Black Diamond Trail Shock

I always scoffed at people using trekking poles.  I hiked almost my entire life without the use of poles or walking sticks.  I didn't want the extra weight and I didn't need to look like a grandpa walking around the mountain.  It wasn't until around 2010 that I was passed by some AT through hikers much younger than me with poles did I reconsider my stance.

I did some research in the usage of them, considered my typical knee pains when traversing downhills and decided I wanted to give them a shot.  I didn't want to spend yet another 100+ dollars on something that I didn't even know if I would use so I waited until I found a sale online (my usual game) and I picked some up.

It Starts With Food

on Sunday, 06 January 2013. Posted in Reviews, Books

It Starts With Food

This is another book that I have gifted quite a bit to get some friends and family started on a better diet. It Starts with Food is based on the Whole30 protocol from the Whole9 website. The guidelines are very strict if following the Whole30 program but it is useful in given you a good basis for how to eat more so than exactly what to eat. It's also less of a recipe book although there are some base recipes in the back to help things along but they're fairly free form cooking in that you're given base ingredients and it's up to you to spice as needed.

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